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    nieuwe skill alles wat je over moet weten!


    muizen val

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    nieuwe skill alles wat je over moet weten!

    Bericht van muizen val op zo maa 14, 2010 10:58 pm

    New Skill:

    - The Skill will partially be F2P.
    - The Skill will be the biggest update of 2010 (Obviously).
    - The Skill will change the game this much *Fetzki spreads his arms wide*
    - The Skill DOES take you beyond the current free map.

    - The Skill was first supposed to be a game on its own, but was changed into a skill later.
    - The Skill doesn't involve Pirate Empires, a 'future' Fun Orb game.
    - The Skill has never been done in a 'game' before
    - The Skill has probably not been guessed yet (because of the above).
    - The Skill will be the 25th skill.

    - The Skill is taking a large amount of resources from the graphics team
    - The Skill will use a whole new game mechanic.
    - The Skill will introduce a whole new type of gameplay.

    Skill Related
    - The Skill will involve lots of skill. And combat. And combat skill.
    - The Skill is not going to be a combat, resource, production or character development skill.
    - The Skill is unique and not similar to another skill.
    - The Skill will involve all current skills!

    Combat Related
    - Aspects of the skills will be good for Pures in PVP.
    - It won’t have any impact on your combat level.

    - No Quest to unlock the skill.
    - No other Skills required for the skill.

    - Training will not be money driven or cost a lot.
    - A ship is featuring in it quite prominently

    - It's not Sailing or anything like that.
    - It does NOT start with a ‘B’.

    - The New Skill was first scheduled for last year, but has been delayed to 2010.
    - The New Skill won’t be released this month (February).
    - The New Skill will be ready soon.. (Mod MMG, January the 18th 2010)
    - The New Skill will be released closer to the middle of the year than to the end of the year.

    (Note: This means it can be released till the first October at the last, which is still 6 months away)

    Wat denken jullie dat het gaat worden?
    groetjes muizen val -aka- fichter 009
    dd-door denker

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    Re: nieuwe skill alles wat je over moet weten!

    Bericht van dd-door denker op za maa 20, 2010 10:06 pm

    finishing kill skill (ja weet raar naam en idee)
    sailing (rofl jk ken nooit jagex geefde toe dat sailing nooit komt dus wie sailling d8 die is facking dom en die nix snapt)

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    Re: nieuwe skill alles wat je over moet weten!

    Bericht van melandruid op zo maa 21, 2010 9:58 pm

    ik vind het een epice skill denk ik maarja best gay opzich als je bedenkt dat mensen binne 2 dagen lvl 99 zijn


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    Re: nieuwe skill alles wat je over moet weten!

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